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Information Security Sr Manager

Date:  Jan 13, 2022

Galway, IE

Requisition ID:  31777

About Avaya

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About The Opportunity

The incumbent develops, implements, and governs processes and documentation to facilitate the implementation of an enterprise-wide Red Team organization, as well as the enforcement of associated standards, controls and procedures. 

The incumbent coordinates the emulation of real-world attacks by conducting targeted operations that emulate the tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Application Security. The incumbent will lead the team with the goal of developing new TTPs improving attack efficacy and assist with defensive efforts within Avaya Global Security. The incumbent will partner with other teams at Avaya to develop tooling and instrumentation to improve our detection and response capabilities. The Red Team also interacts with our Avaya Cybersecurity Emergency Response, Cloud Compliance, Security Operations, Customer Professional Services and eGRC teams to perform Statutory, Regulatory and Contractual requirements for VAPT, expand detection capabilities and contribute to the overall risk posture of Avaya. As a leader in this roll the incumbent will coach and mentor team members to enhance their capabilities in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Application Security Testing, and Source Code Analysis.

To be successful in this role you will have in depth knowledge of Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Application Security testing in Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and On Prem environments. The incumbent must maintain current situational awareness of trends in cybersecurity threats, especially those related cloud operations and architecture.  The incumbent must be able to shift from working detailed technical issues with peers to communicating those issues to customers at varying levels of technical detail.  In addition to communicating to a variety of audiences, the incumbent must also be able to think effectively at technically, operationally and strategically detailed levels.

About the Responsibilities

As a Cyber Red Team Lead your main responsibilities will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:


  • Conduct and/or support authorized adversarial emulations on enterprise network assets.
  • Create reports and recommendations from findings, include issues uncovered and levels of risk.
  • Collaborate with other internal and external partner organizations on target access and operational issues.
  • Create comprehensive exploitation strategies that identify exploitable technical or operational vulnerabilities.


Capture the following Metrics and work with Avaya Teams to address these metrics in order to lower risk.


  • infrastructure assets behind on patches
  • infrastructure assets missing critical/high patches
  • server operating systems behind on patches
  • server operating systems missing critical/high patches
  • workstation operating systems behind on patches
  • workstation operating systems missing critical/high patches
  • critical applications behind on patches
  • critical applications missing critical/high patches
  • untreated system vulnerabilities
  • vulnerabilities past due
  • assets with unknown ownership
  • applications using unsupported code
  • applications behind in code versions
  • applications with code-base exceptions
  • new vulnerabilities identified
  • scans performed
  • false positives identified
  • network covered by recurring vulnerability scans
  • days since last full internal vulnerability scan
  • days since last full external vulnerability scan
  • penetration tests performed
  • days since last internal penetration test
  • days since last external penetration test
  • network covered by penetration testing

About The Requirements



Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, or related field.  10+ years of working with Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Application Security testing within Azure, AWS, GCP, and private- or hybrid-cloud deployments, including at least 3 years of development, operations, and oversight of Red Team activities for large cloud deployments, to include standard cloud security toolsets.  Experience with Qualys, Rapid 7 VM, Portswigger, Netsparker, Kali Linux, Metasploit Pro, Manual Penetration Testing. Industry certifications (CRTOP, OSEP, OSWE, OSEE, ) are desirable.


Skills and Competencies


The incumbent must:

1.possess a solid grounding in information security principles and passion for Red Team operations with the ability to lead a diverse team
2.possess a deep understanding of cloud computing risks and cloud security exploitation in AWS, Azure and GCP
3.have experiences of assessing and exploiting security within some combination of Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Environments, Outsourced Data Centers and Customer Data Centers;
4.have experience with enumerating, evasion and exploitation of, private and hybrid clouds, and web services security;
5.possess in depth experience with at least three of the following Red Team security toolsets:

  • Metasploit Pro
  • Burp Suite Pro
  • Qualys
  • Acunetix 360 / Netsparker
  • Kali Linux
  • OWASP Toolsets
  • Powershell
  • NMAP
  • have effective verbal and written communication skills;
  • be able to independently develop white papers, brochures, presentations and respond to customer questionnaire on red team security risks;
  • possess a solid understanding of industry standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27xxx, HIPAA, NIST, etc;
  • exhibit flexibility and an ability to think creatively and in a way that identifies solutions;

10. be willing to analyze challenges and share opinions on possible solutions;
11. be able to quickly assess priorities and triage matters;
12. be able to solve complex problems;
13. exhibit calm under pressure;
14. understand business processes;
15. demonstrate high levels of motivation and achieve success without task-by-task direction;
16. act with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity; and
17.treat others with respect.

Additional Information

Principle Accountabilities


1.Define the mission and expected functions of the Red Team, according to Avaya’s security-related service catalog.


  • Mechanisms exist to implement a threat intelligence program that includes a cross-organization information-sharing capability that can influence the development of the system and security architectures, selection of security solutions, monitoring, threat hunting, response and recovery activities.
  • Mechanisms exist to develop Indicators of Exposure (IOE) to understand the potential attack vectors that attackers could use to attack the organization.
  • Mechanisms exist to maintain situational awareness of evolving threats by leveraging the knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures to facilitate the implementation of preventative and compensating controls.
  • Mechanisms exist to establish a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) to assist with the secure development and maintenance of products and services that receives unsolicited input from the public about vulnerabilities in organizational systems, services and processes.
  • Mechanisms exist to embed false data or steganographic data in files to enable the organization to determine if data has been exfiltrated and provide a means to identify the individual(s) involved.
  • Mechanisms exist to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of vulnerability management controls.
  • Mechanisms exist to define and manage the scope for its vulnerability management activities.
  • Mechanisms exist to ensure that vulnerabilities are properly identified, tracked and remediated.
  • Mechanisms exist to identify and assign a risk ranking to newly discovered security vulnerabilities using reputable outside sources for security vulnerability information.
  • Mechanisms exist to address new threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis and ensure assets are protected against known attacks.
  • Mechanisms exist to track the effectiveness of remediation operations through metrics reporting.
  • Mechanisms exist to detect vulnerabilities and configuration errors by recurring vulnerability scanning of systems and web applications.
  • Mechanisms exist to update vulnerability scanning tools.
  • Mechanisms exist to identify the breadth and depth of coverage for vulnerability scanning that define the system components scanned and types of vulnerabilities that are checked for.
  • Automated mechanisms exist to compare the results of vulnerability scans over time to determine trends in system vulnerabilities.
  • Mechanisms exist to review historical audit logs to determine if identified vulnerabilities have been previously exploited.
  • Mechanisms exist to conduct penetration testing on systems and web applications.
  • Communicates changes and updates to key personnel.

2.If necessary, requests corrective action to address identified deficiencies.
3.If necessary, validates corrective action occurred to appropriately remediate deficiencies.
4.If necessary, documents the results of corrective action and notes findings.
5.If necessary, requests additional corrective action to address unremedied deficiencies.




• Professional certification/s and appropriate experience required


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